New Friends


First of all thank you MyHDL and Google for providing me an opportunity to participate in Google Summer of Code 2016.

Today Iam going to write about my early experience as a part of Community bonding period. As, I have been working on JPEG Encoder this summer. I have been working on understanding the  Huffman Encoder module written in verilog which we are going to use as reference.

Also, in this early period I have been working on MyHDL syntax, implementing basic architectures using MyHDL.

Third thing is I texted my mentor Josy Belton for the first time on Gitter this week. Also, I contacted Mercurious Katsimpris, the person working on the front end of JPEG Encoder. Both are really friendly people. It was a pleasant experience talking to them.

Finally this week, I had a working setup for MyHDL library. I have installed Rhea (we are going to contribute there too). I am facing some errors when I try to build the files which Iam going to clear next week.

Overall the first week was a great one and now Iam set to home for the summer vacation taking leave for a couple of days.

Thank you 🙂







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