GSOC : First week

I was woking using python2 earlier.

I created my account in . I came to know that we should use Pyhton3. Also, we should work using MyHDL 1.0 dev

Commands to install MyHDL 1.0 dev and make it work with python3


sudo -E git clone // clone MyHDL 1.0 dev 
python3 install // run the setup script in myhdl folder.


I started running tests for already made JPEG Encoder using the Python3 testbench.

I was told to use already made modules when needed from the rhea repository.

I was investigating FIFO in the MyHDL Rhea. I came across a bug and I made a PR for the bug. Though chris made a correct solution for the bug. Mentioning about the bug, it was a conversion error.

I made RLE double FIFO along with proper tests during my first week. Iam making a branch and creating a PR for every module I design.

PR for RLE double Fifo is here.

It was a great week understanding the already present codes. Thinking for modifications.



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